GTS Subsea excels in getting instruments and equipment to the seabed to obtain the highest resolution and best possible data or samples for our customers.


  • Seabed sampling and testing, including vibrocoring, CPT and grab sampling, with excellent experience of long duration and 24 hour operations.
  • In situ seabed thermal conductivity testing for electricity cable routes.
  • CFD thermal modelling capability for predicting heat loss from - and potential hot/cold spots in - subsea cables and pipelines.
  • Seabed coring and drilling in rock.
  • Dedicated, low-cost, environmental sampling service for ports and harbours (where soil-types are appropriate).
  • Provision of onboard geological and geotechnical data.
  • Excellent experience of sampling in difficult or unusual environments (eg intertidal/beach/saltmarsh), using equipment such as low ground pressure vehicles and shallow draft vessels.
  • Problem ground (such as glacial till) can be investigated using our specially designed equipment (eg our 'till drill').
GTS Subsea

Geophysics, Survey and positioning

  • Integrated geophysical surveys, for example using sidescan, sub-bottom profiling, resistivity.
  • Underwater structural inspections in support of construction and maintenance.
  • Deepwater deployment to obtain high resolution data using ROV's & AUV's.
  • Pre- and post-dredge hydrographic surveys.
  • Jack-up tow-in surveys and establishment of leading lines.
  • Vessel/rig positioning.
GTS Subsea

Sample Analysis

  • Chemical and physical testing arranged. We have expert experience in the correct handling and preparation of laboratory samples. We regularly obtain samples for analysis by CEFAS and we manage the analysis of these for projects involving Marine Scotland.
  • Particle size distribution, classification and strength tests for dredging or cable ploughing.
  • Thermal conductivity testing for electricity cable route surveys and renewable energy projects using Hukseflux systems.
  • Gas analysis (eg for investigating gas blanking).
  • Core logging and photography.
  • Long term frozen sample storage and archiving.
  • Data-processing, geo-computing, sub-surface modelling.
GTS Subsea