GTS Subsea is a marine data acquisition company, specialising in geosciences.

We provide specialist, operated survey equipment and additional services for exploration on and under the seabed. We gather survey data and seabed samples for geophysics, geotechnics and geochemistry.

We started in 2003 and have worked for a broad spectrum of different clients on many successful projects. We work in a wide variety of environments ranging from intertidal areas to long duration route surveys offshore. Our heavy coring equipment can work at water depths beyond the reach of most alternatives in commercial use today and we have operated in hundreds of locations over a range of seabed types around Northern Europe.

We specialise in developing integrated programmes of work, effectively combining geophysical detection with sampling ground-truth to give our clients the most complete picture possible of seabed conditions.

This is backed up by experience on both sides of the geophysics / geotechnical divide meaning we are well-placed to advise on the most effective methods to ground-truth any third party geophysical interpretations.

We constantly develop new equipment and methods to meet customers' unique needs, earning us a reputation as the people to turn to when projects require sampling in difficult or unusual places.

GTS Subsea
GTS Subsea GTS Subsea GTS Subsea